The WIT Network

Mentoring Circle Facilitation

Mentoring Circle Facilitation - Train the Trainer Workshop

The WIT Network has hosted both in-person and virtual mentoring circles around the world.

What is a mentoring Circle? These are gatherings where people share best practices, ideas and learnings around agreed upon topics.  Whether you are hosting a 100-person event or you have 20 like-minded individuals looking to meet 4 times/year over the phone, mentoring circles are a great way to mentor and be mentored. And, you can learn how to lead and facilitate these sessions within your own community, company or local group you belong to.

You will leave this session:

  • Energized on the value of mentoring circles
  • How to create, define and facilitate your own learning circle
  • Best practices on topic and speaker selection
  • How to make a difference in others lives through mentoring circles
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