The WIT Network

The WIT (Women in Technology) Network is a community of professionals across the world that believe in making it easier for women to imagine, begin, and develop a career in IT.  There are over 80 chapters in over 40 countries that provide a vast and varied network of events, contacts, and opportunities!

Building a global community of like-minded women who meet regularly.

Increasing the number of young women pursuing careers in technology.

Growing opportunities for women working at every level of the industry.

Scaling our reach to empower the women across the world who need it most.

The WIT Network is the most powerful and innovative independent organization in the Microsoft channel today. With Microsoft’s direct support our astronomical growth (from 3 to 50 communities in under three years) is due to the energy, commitment and drive of our WIT Network community leaders and members. By sharing ideas, highlighting our individual and collaborative strengths, and challenging the status-quo we are supporting women all over the world. Our laser-focus is locked on enabling all of our members to reach their full potential in their careers, build powerful networks and accelerate growth in their businesses. If you are a woman working within the Microsoft ecosystem join us and make a difference for yourself, your colleagues, your customers and your partners.

Christine Bongard, The WIT Network Global Chair

Our Ambition

Despite big steps forward over the last decade, the gender gap remains a significant problem and there is still much to be done to attract, retain and promote women in technology. Our ambition is to change the culture of the industry, so women aren’t expected to apologize, explain or prove themselves – they just show up and excel, knowing they belong. Together we work tirelessly to achieve this by building our global community ethically, honestly and courageously. And through ongoing commitment to our outreach activities.

Half the people on the planet are women and their purchase power is growing. Embracing diversity in decision-making, product design and customer engagement is the only way to serve a diverse population with relevance. Creating opportunity for a group as large and multifaceted as the Microsoft partner ecosystem requires a multitude of viewpoints and experiences informing every decision and business. Without diversity – in all its forms – at the top, you run the risk of serving a very narrow slice of the population.

Gavriella Schuster, CVP, WW Channels & Programs, One Commercial Partner