The WIT Network

May 2019

Be Bold For Change

Being BOLD for change in business and your own personal career choices is a mantra Kate Isler has lived her life by.
She brings over 20 years of international executive leadership gained within fortune 100 to Startups.

As the CEO of Daysaver, a digital health Start Up, Kate raised funds, reshaped the company vision and defined an effective business model, delivered innovative SaaS product, built a team and secured strategic partnership with industry leaders. Something we can all learn from.

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From the Application Suite to the C-Suite

Join Vicki Thomson, Chief People Officer at New Signature for this incredible career journey in the technology sector.

Together with her team, Vicki is responsible for fostering New Signatures unique corporate culture, building and delivering outstanding employee programs, recruiting new talent, and championing team work across the organization.

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Cracking the C-Suite

How can I reach the C-suite?
Cassandra Frangos, EdD, joined Spencer Stuarts Leadership Advisory Services team in 2018, where she focused on collaborating with Fortune 500 leadership teams on executive assessments, succession planning, leadership development, and top team effectiveness.
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a) Mentoring; b) Sponsorship; c) Championing or, d) All of the Above

Many organizations have focused on mentoring as a key element in their strategies to increase the numbers and advancement of women. This is a common approach in business and industry but data from many areas suggests that mentoring alone, is not nearly as effective in creating an environment where women are attracted, retained and promoted as many women and men think.
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