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Corporate Blog: Ingram Promotes Progress

Ingram Micro Promotes Progress in the Industry with

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Ingram Micro continues their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the field of technology as an ongoing Corporate Sponsor of The WIT Network community.

Embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce

Ingram Micro’s mission is to help businesses fully realize the promise of technology. They achieve their primary goal by helping their clients maximize the value of the technology that they make, sell or use. And as a company, Ingram Micro helps individual employees achieve their full potential through a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Diversity and inclusion is one of Ingram Micro’s top corporate initiatives. Businesses of all sizes have much to gain from embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce. The varying points of view, skills and experiences gained not only bring you closer to the customers you serve, but also work to create an incredibly mindful and actionable team, says Kirk Robinson, SVP and U.S. Chief Country Executive, Ingram Micro. We’re thrilled to continue our alliance with The WIT Network and work together with our Women’s Forum to elevate our efforts and extend awareness across our associates and to the thousands of partners and providers within our business ecosystem. 

As repeat sponsor of The WIT Network, Ingram Micros is proud to support women actively working and thriving in the technology industry, and encouraging more women of all ages to pursue careers in tech. It is an absolute passion for us both personally and professionally. It’s also a long-standing initiative that Ingram Micro’s leadership team and associate base takes great pride in and puts a lot of time and energy into, said Lynne Thornton and Holly Niedzielski, Executive co-sponsors of Ingram Micro’s Women’s Forum.    

Ingram Micro’s Women’s Forum works across our organization and within our partner ecosystem to connect, inspire and develop women leaders, and advocate for inclusion and equality in the workforce. Our alliance with The WIT Network helps us accelerate these efforts and inspires us to lead and influence change across our industry and within the communities we work and play, continued Lynne and Holly. We’ve found tremendous value in the relationships and resources available to us as a member of The WIT Network, and the networking, knowledge sharing and friendships gained has been truly impactful on so many levels. 

About Ingram Micro: Ingram Micro helps businesses Realize the Promise of Technology™. It delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutions enables its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Unrivaled agility, deep market insights and the trust and dependability that come from decades of proven relationships, set Ingram Micro apart and ahead. More at

About The WIT Network: The WIT Network is a global not-for-profit organization with over 5000 members around the world. Through our fantastic community leads, global members, and support of our sponsors, we can provide programs, education, and inspiration to:

  • Encourage all women and girls to study STEM and pursue careers in tech
  • Enable more women to attain leadership positions and career advancement
  • Help companies change the landscape of gender equality within their business

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