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Blog: HER Story Danaelle Dominique

HER Story: Danaëlle Dominique

Danaëlle is the community lead for The WIT Network Haiti. Passionate, energetic and ready to lead by example, Danaëlle‘s story will inspire you to reach further and dream bigger.

In high school I developed a passion for technology, always wanting to be around computers or other tech gadgets. Even at that young age, my relatives and friends would come to me for all computer-, phone- or tablet-related problems. Somehow, I became a fixer even without being a professional technician.

Five years ago, I was preparing to go to College. I wanted to major in Computer Science, but it was not possible due to my parent‘s economic situation. Instead, I majored in Business Management, keeping in mind that I would not let this setback kill my dream, and that a Business degree would allow me to pay for my studies by myself.

My goal of becoming a famous female computer scientist like Marissa Mayer kept me going. Every day I would tell myself that I can and will make my dream happen. I made sure to look for (and grab) every single opportunity that I believed would lead me to my desired destination. That‘s how I found myself at Union School.

Union School Opened Doors

I was selected for the Access Microscholarship Program. I was also given the chance to be part of a program sponsored by The Women in Technology (WIT) Network, Mercer-MacKay Digital Storytelling and Harvest for Humanity, which aims to empower women interested in technology by offering access to training, seminars, conferences and workshops on computer skills. I didn't know it, but my life was going to change forever.

If I had not taken advantage of those two wonderful programs, I would not have been able to secure my first job as Data Manager at Union School. In that position, I managed all the data for their annual summer camp, and supervised kids and adults on campus using Microsoft 365 applications. Without that opportunity, I would not have been contacted by different people to manage their business social media accounts, either.

Now I‘m a full-time employee at Union School, working as Afterschool Program Coordinator. I‘m also Social Media Manager at GYM, a consulting firm. I‘m also about to manage social media for KOZETEK, a platform that aims to better help the Haitian people understand technology. The contents are in Créole which is our mother tongue. 

What I enjoy most about my jobs is the fact that I use technology for every single task, from using Microsoft Office Applications, to analyzing data and creating digital contents.

The WIT Network Community

To be completely honest, there were times when I doubted myself, times when I asked myself whether, as a woman, I was smart enough to succeed, to have a career in the tech industry. Those moments of self-doubt emerged when men laughed at me after I told them of my love for IT and computers. They said I was not good enough, that women were born to be secretaries.

I have been a victim of stereotyping and gender gaps, and I know that I‘m not the only one.

I‘m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to kick off a WIT Network Community in Haiti. The WIT Network has helped me a lot; it boosted my self-confidence and helped me to find an advocate for women in technology inside of myself. This community will allow me to better share what I have learned and inspire other young women.

With the WIT Network, I feel surrounded by support and for that I am forever grateful.

A message that I would like to share with my network, or any other women like me, is not to let anybody dictate to them what they can and cannot do. We, women, can do whatever we want and succeed in whatever field we want!

Let‘s keep inspiring!

Danaëlle Dominique, The WIT Network community lead, Haiti