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The issue of diversity in the tech industry is one of the hottest, most extensively covered topics in the last decade. Whether discussing the tech gender gap, attracting diverse tech talent, or retaining a diverse team, we always seem to have this subject on the tips of our tongues.

Why has this subject stayed at the forefront of our collective discussion? Put simply, because it is one of vital importance that can have direct effects on a company’s bottom line.

One of the biggest advantages that companies gain from making diversity a priority is an increase in team productivity. Homogeneous teams, or those whose members are all similar, can face the problem of functional bias. The implications of functional bias become most evident when a homogenous team is faced with a new, complex problem to solve. Drawing on a limited range of perspectives, engagement methodologies, and thought processes can make it difficult for teams to create truly unique solutions. Alternatively, diverse teams reap the benefits of variations in perspectives, experiences, and cognitive processing styles that exist across its members.

Another benefit that diversity delivers is that the people working to create technology are more representative of the people using the technology. This representation increases the chances that tech creators will be able to connect and empathize with its users in order to create effective solutions that can become ingrained in a variety of unique life experiences.

Finally, the most obvious way a company can benefit from diversity is that when applied to recruitment and hiring practices, it increases the pool of talent which can be drawn from in order to grow.

These benefits showcase why The WIT Network’s mission of increasing diversity and inclusion in technology is so important. We are not only helping to create opportunities for women but we are also creating channels for our industry to improve as a whole. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our diverse network of WIT champions together to continue this discussion. Join us and register today.