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With diversity and inclusion top of mind for most companies, both IAMCP and The WIT Network are working hard to help businesses build programs and take advantage of education that will foster success. A new joint membership promotion makes it easier for respective members to be part of the unique opportunities each organization is driving.

The International Association of Microsoft Partners (IAMCP) and The WIT (Women in Technology) Network share an impressive history, with both organizations demonstrating significant impact on this critical agenda. It is this robust and mutually successful growth that has led to an official alliance between the two organizations.

For almost 25 years, IAMCP has been dedicated to everything that helps partners in the Microsoft network be more successful. This includes partnering more effectively with Microsoft and other Microsoft partners, advocating for change across the ecosystem, and offering in-person and virtual events for education, training, and networking.

The WIT Network is a new, vibrant community born out of IAMCP. It is laser-focused on its mission to address the imbalance that exists in the technology industry by supporting women to pursue a career in technology, encouraging more female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, and helping more women to take up leadership positions.

IAMCP Accelerates Partner-to-Partner Business

IAMCP’s largest global event takes place at Microsoft’s annual partner conference every year. Here, the IAMCP fosters activities that enable partners from around the world to meet, connect, align, form partnerships, drive deals, and accelerate their businesses.

It was at this conference that a small group of women in IAMCP began to run an annual luncheon specifically aimed at enabling female attendees to meet up and expand their networks. The event became so successful and impacted so many that it spiraled into the members’ desire to do more than meet with each other once a year. IAMCP WIT was born and attracted a global audience of women in 80 communities and more than 40 countries, who ran local events, training programs, mentoring circles, and philanthropic endeavors.

“Forming and developing as a sub-committee was a great way for us to discover what the women in our community want and need,” said Christine Bongard, former IAMCP WIT Chair and now President of The WIT Network. “But ultimately our goal and mission to support every woman working in the technology industry meant that our members were keen to branch out and pursue a larger mission.”

On September 27, 2018, The WIT Network was created, signing up over 2,000 members in its first month of operation.

Diversity and Inclusion

The formal separation of IAMCP and WIT included an intention for both organizations to continue to find ways to support one another. At the same time, IAMCP did not abandon its interest in Diversity & Inclusion, and the IAMCP board created a new D&I position to develop programs that support partners in initiating and fostering a stronger D&I culture within their respective companies.

“We are very happy and supportive of the success at The WIT Network,” said Sérgio Baptista, President of IAMCP International. “We are equally excited to be working with Microsoft to roll out our D&I initiatives with our new chairperson, Sarika Malhotra.”

“Closing the gender gap while fostering D&I is a big challenge for our industry,” continued Bongard. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or mentality. Both IAMCP and The WIT Network are offering unique programs and opportunities. That is why we believe that our members can continue to receive value if they join both organizations.”
I AMCP - What You Get The WIT Network - What You Get
Local meetings at chapters around the world Local meetings at chapters around the world Local meet-ups at communitites around the world
Philanthropy at the chapter level, aligned to local interests of each chapter Philanthropic mission to provide STEM training to less advantaged communities with programs currently running in Haiti and planned in India
P2P Maturity Model - Online Training Roads to Revenue - Sales Skils Training for Women in Technology
On-going P2P activities and programs to foster and drive meaningful partnerships Global Mentoring Circles - align with a mentor in a virtual community
Diversity & Inclusion - designed to reach all levels of IAMCP and its members, for measurable results Diversity & Inclusion Training - unique program developed specifically for WIT
“Ask IAMCP” Webinars on Demand – topics of interest are presented to members We’ve Got WIT Webinar Series – monthly webinars promoting topics of interest for members
Online membership portal for access to materials and a global calendar of events Online membership portal for access to materials and a global calendar of events Online membership portal for access to materials and a global calendar of events
Annual kick-off, meet-up and activities at Microsoft Inspire Annual Leadership Conference in-person event on International Women’s Day

IAMCP and The WIT Network are continuing to work at the local levels to run joint in-person events. “When we looked at our membership lists, we realized that the crossover was only about 10%,” said Baptista. “It made total sense that we could each broaden our reach by teaming up locally.”

“Both organizations provide value,” added Bongard, “and there is really no overlap in our programs. We want to make it easy for members who need to belong to both organizations.”

IAMCP and The WIT Network are offering a limited 25% membership discount from February 23 to June 30, 2019. After that, the mutual discount will remain in place at 10%.

If you would like to know more about how to sign up for joint membership in IAMCP and The WIT Network, and to learn more about the associated benefits, please email or