“The SHEnovators idea struck me like lightning and made me wonder, how would being included in a conversation about the future of technology at a young age have changed my career trajectory?

When I was young I was fascinated by technology. Lucky for me my negotiation skills also peaked at an early age and I was able to talk my dad into ordering my first computer. It was the 90’s so of course it had to be a Gateway. The day that Holstein cow printed box arrived at my house was life changing. It produced many “Do Not Disturb” bedroom door signs printed in Comic Sans with rainbow lettering. It introduced me to my childhood best friend, Clippy. It made me the self-appointed Editor and Chief of my weekly family newsletter. But the most magical thing that box did was give me an amazing sense of excitement and fulfillment. At 10 years old, I knew sitting in front of that computer, creating is what I was meant to do.


My love for technology naturally spilled over into school where I expressed interest in taking programming classes. Unfortunately, I was told that those classes just weren’t for me because I didn’t excel at math and that I would probably be happier in an art class anyways. Fast forwarding many years, we find a girl in her 20s still looking for the excitement her 10 year old self found in that magical cow printed box. It wasn’t until I decided to make a career change and become a developer that I got that sense of excitement back.

The SHEnovator idea resonated with me because it made me think back to that excitement and how hard the disappointment was that came a few years later. My story is not unique, but it should be and that is why I am involved in The WIT Network. The drive to eliminate needless barriers created by antiquated stereotypes is the foundation that the SHEnovator program was built on. The WIT Network provides an international network of women willing to support and build upon that foundation.”

Jenna Beckett
– Fullstack Web Developer, .Net Technical Trainer, WIT Advocate
Co-Founder of The WIT Network Kansas City, and proud Ravenclaw

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