Be Your Best Webinar – Pay Equity! Negotiating is like a game of chess

Quell your inner critic. You need to know your next move and anticipate your opponents. You don’t have to understand chess to know there is a pay equity gap in the workforce between men and women.

Asking your employer for more money isn’t easy, even when you know you deserve it. If you’ve amazed your bosses, taken on more responsibilities or received a stellar performance review, it’s smart to talk to your Manager about a pay increase. Not just for your current bank balance but for your future career goals and retirement planning too!

Join us to Discuss:
  • How gender pay gap reporting can help you
  • How to determine your negotiation package
  • What to do when your inner critic and fears come the surface
With more countries and companies looking at gender pay gap reporting, regulation, realities of ethnicity pay gaps and a workplace talent shortage looming, redressing inequalities in the workplace is more important than ever.

*About the Speaker:
Michelle Gyimah
Director – Equity Pays

Michelle has a unique understanding of employee engagement and workplace challenges that enables her to embed practical application into her consultancy.

In addition to working with employers, Michelle is also a passionate advocate for enabling women to get equal pay and close their pay gaps.

Michelle has over 10 years’ experience of working at the Equality and Human Rights Commission and holds a Masters in Human Rights from the University of Manchester. Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous national business magazines, international conferences and lives in Manchester, UK.

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