Is your body language conveying the right message?

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Whether in a meeting, a boardroom or a networking event, your non-verbal communication is always communicating. We always send and receive non-verbal messages, but have you ever stopped to think; what are the messages you are sending? How can you look more confident, have better presence and connect easier with everyone in the room?
In this webinar, Angela Podolsky will guide us through:
  • What is non-verbal communication?
  • What are the different channels of communication that we use on a daily basis to give and receive messages?
  • How to show confidence and have an executive presence.
  • Understand the messages you are sending with your voice.
  • What are the messages you are sending with your body and face?
  • What non-verbal communication is universal and what is culture specific?
According to studies, women’s nonverbal behaviours regularly communicate a lack of social power compared to men.

*About the speaker:
Angela Podolsky
Founder, CEO
Kinesics consulting
“Hearing what isn’t said.”

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